Return of the Megafauna

At The Kick and Push Festival

August 17-20, 2022

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 Return of the Megafauna 

produced by Bad New Days

presented by The Kick and Push


concept, direction, production, puppetry // Adam Paolozza

dramaturgy, puppetry // Kari Pederson

large sloth performer // Sebastian Reimer

puppetry // Seymour Irons

outisde eye, puppet coaching, sound design // Nick di Gaetano

production assistant // Phil Fernandez

large sloth suit designer and builder // Graeme Black Robinson

large sloth suit building assistance, costumer // Allie Marshall

tiny sloth puppet designer and builder // Clelia Scala 

special thanks to Liam Karry and the whole Kick and Push team

Return of the Megfauna acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts

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Bad New Days brings ITALIAN MIME SUICIDE to The Theatre Centre after a critically acclaimed, smash-hit run in Montreal at Théâtre Aux Écuries, earning a “Top Ten Shows of 2021” by the Montreal Gazette.












With an imagistic aesthetic reminiscent of the kitsch iconography of clowns, mimes and world-weary circus acrobats, ITALIAN MIME SUICIDE sensitively explores the levity within tragedy, creating a funny, poetic meditation on melancholy, the acceptance of failure and the usefulness of art in troubled times.

ITALIAN MIME SUICIDE marks Bad New Days’ return to Toronto stages to ask why do we make art, why is it important, and why now?

“Italian Mime Suicide features four marvellous mimes accompanied by a turntable musician who fuses jazz, electro and traditional polyphonic singing. Through different vignettes, always funny, sad and touching at the same time, the characters depict what could have caused the despair of this mime and pushed him to end his life. […] isn’t that precisely the magic of mime? To offer only poetry and beauty, even if it is a question of interpreting the greatest tragedies…?” –Sophie Jama,















COMING SOON to The Theatre Centre


April 21st - May 1st

All Tickets are on a Pay What You Can Afford sliding scale, available at:


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poster photo by Omar David Rivero

background photo by Najim Chaoui

teaser by Sandrick Mathurin




Quebecois Premier of Italian Mime Suicide 

Makes Montreal Gazette's Top 10 of 2021 List

Based loosely on the true story of an Italian mime who jumped off a building claiming no one appreciated his art, Italian Mime Suicide is a (mostly) silent play about Mime. 


Using a lyrical, physical, comedic style - imagine Robert Wilson meets Cirque du Soleil -  and a visual aesthetic indebted to Picasso’s paintings and the kitsch iconography of world-weary mimes, clowns, and acrobats, Italian Mime Suicide is a poetic, philosophical meditation on themes of mental health, dignity in failure, and the usefulness of art in troubled times. 

Italian Mime Suicide returns to Toronto this April at The Theatre Centre, stay tuned for more information! 

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