Season 19/20 

Our ethos this season is about revisiting and redeveloping past works to give them the full production they deserve. 

You'll find works that explore mime and philosophy, physical comedy, experimental music, some great training opportunities and more.

Please join us as we continue to explore the human condition through our poetic theatre of gesture.  



Bad New Days is excited to launch PRACTICE As INTERRUPTION - a series of COVID inspired activities to maintain practice in this state of interruption, to stay in tune, inspired, and challenged.

As we all mourn the loss of the ability to practice our craft, we’re cultivating the idea of “interruption” as a possible way of escape from the inertia of the present situation.

We'd like to offer these programs as a means to share/explore/adapt/maintain practice during this interruption until we emerge together again.

The two programs are:

1. <<Weekly Movement Practice>>

A warm-up and movement class designed to explore movement concepts in the space you’re in. This is open to people of all levels of skill but does require internet access and the ability to move around in your personal space.

2. <<Ensemble as Practice: A Devisers’ Work Group>>

For a few years, Bad New Days has been planning on launching a program that offers training and mentorship to self-identifying Devised Creators, a program that offers support to those that want to develop "process" outside of the scope of a specific project.

The idea is to create community amongst artists and address the gap in training/mentorship for creators working outside of the script-driven paradigm.

Anyone is welcome but we'll focus on creative practices that give primacy to the body, movement, image, object theatre, mask, puppetry, etc.

Besides performers and directors we'd love to invite choreographers, dancers, designers - any artist working in a performance-based medium whose concerns align with the program. If you're not sure if you fit it, you probably do, message us and we'll talk!

Sessions will evolve according to the needs/desires of the group but will begin with monthly meetings, reading texts on performance theory, discussion and sharing practice-based knowledge. We'll work together with the group to eventually design practical creative activities that can be achieved during lockdown.

This program is designed to help you develop creation strategies that can be used in all of your devised projects.

In addition, this group will explore scenic solutions to social/political issues, exploring how theatre can help explore/elucidate/think through urgent issues outside of the script-based paradigm.


We're taking a cue from the idea of the “lazzo” in the Italian comedic tradition: the lazzo interrupted or suspended the dramatic action and in so doing created an escape from the narrative, opening up space for new possibilities to emerge.

We’re also thinking of the idea of a “practice” as something that interrupts the normal flow of your day, creating a space for active reflection and somatic mindfulness.


1. Weekly Movement Practice will be every Monday at 11am EDT (Toronto time) for approximately 2 hours, starting Monday June 8th.

Sign up info coming soon. 


2. Ensemble As Practice will be a 2-3 hour session once a month, first session will be on the week of June 15th, the exact date will be determined with the group, once we get a sense of enrolment.


All activities are FREE or Pay What You Can Afford (that means if you can afford nothing right now, do not let that stop you from joining in).

We'd love feedback/questions and if you'd like more information about signing up please send us a message at badnewdaysperformance(at)



In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we're raising funds through GoFundMe and offering artists a one-time only, no questions asked micro grant of $75. 

We've currently raised $4500 and we'll keep going, the more money that comes in the more grants we can give. 

TO DONATE: Visit our GoFundMe page by clicking HERE

TO APPLY: Send a message to

In this message you must provide your full name, what artistic discipline you practice and provide an email address that we can send an etransfer to. 

And that's it! 

Stay safe and stay sane

Victor and Adam xo

2019/20 Season At A Glance

Scott Walker photo.jpg

a new musical/theatre hybrid

photo of Scott Walker by Jamie Hawkesworth





July 2020*


a (mostly) silent play about mime 

And we're happy to announce...

VictorPokinko beadshot.jpg

Victor Pokinko

joins BND as

Creative Producer! 

chorus from MELANCHOLIAC photo by Dahlia Katz