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Press for Artaud 


" evocative portrait of the complex and enigmatic man. Paolozza, who also plays Artaud, delivers the entire piece in French (accompanied by English surtitles) doing justice to the poet’s words, and to his manic energy too, at times writhing and galloping with abandon." 

- Justin Haigh, Plank Magazine 



"The mind is engaged but I think the senses are especially roused [...] you can loosen your reliance on language-based understanding and watch Adam Paolozza’s beautiful depiction of Artaud. His performance is physical, lyrical, dance-like at times. A lot of the staging seems designed to imply movement without there actually being much movement, and I found it fascinating to watch. Paolozza’s French is also captivating. At moments I closed my eyes and listened to him speak, understanding only the occasional word but absorbed in the melody of his voice...If you think this all sounds very romanticized, you’re right. This play is a mood, and a sentimental one. My sentiments left pleased, and my intellect left piqued. Romantic indeed." 

- Joslyn Kilborn, Mooney On Theatre



"Deceptively simple in concept but mystically charged, Adam Paolozza and Michelle Smith’s production of Artaud: un portrait en décomposition stimulated both mind and spirit. It was delightfully visceral for such a seemingly dark-themed play. Bare bones yet meaty, this was the type of theatre that got under your skin, hitting both hard and fast."

-Barbara Goslowski, Barabara's Blog 



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