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Press for The Double 


“Hysterical[...] It’s pure theatre, with none of the preciousness that term sometimes signifies and all of the exhilaration.”

– Robert Cushman, The National Post


“Clever and engaging [...] If Dostoyevsky foreshadowed Freud, this post-Freudian gang can mock him with élan. 3/4 *s”

– Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail


“A world of shadows, darkness, frenzy, mystery with just a touch of madness.”

– Lyn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter


“If you want to experience the joy of pure theatre then head down to the Factory to see the Double. [...]With the success of Spent last year and now with this stylish and madcap production of The Double, TheatreRUN has established itself as company whose productions you miss at peril to your artistic wellbeing.”

– Christopher Hoile, The Stage-Door


“My only regret is that I didn’t stand during the applause. I hate to think of all the mediocre performances I’ve been pressured into standing for at large, expensive theatres, and yet on Saturday, when I felt the actors truly deserved a standing ovation, I wasn’t brave enough to give them one.”

– Jonathan, audience member in Kitchener at the MTSpace


“…brilliant…If only these theatre-makers came in multiples—perhaps then we’d be lucky enough to see more shows like The Double. 9/10″

-Carly Maga The Grid


“thrilling…ingenious…fast-moving, funny and psychologically complex. NNNN’s”

-Glenn Sumi , Now Magazine


“That was me laughing out loud…I love to laugh at the theatre.”

-Former Governer-General Adrienne Clarkson


“The Double is a one of a kind experience, a whimsical adaptation that restores my faith in the theatre and its magic.”

-Leslie Barcza,


"The Double’s exceptionally clever script borrows heavily from Charlie Chaplin [...] evoking a sense of timelessness, fate and the surreal that provides a perfect backdrop for this entertaining exploration of identity crisis. 5 *’s”

-Annie Hodgins,


“…brilliant…dazzling…an engrossing, funny-sad study of a man slipping further and further from reality. I’d rush and get a ticket on the double. 3/4 *’s”

-Robert Crew, The Toronto Star“


…builds to a comedic frenzy and you feel, like Golyadkin, that reality is slipping through your fingers. Solid, zany fun!”

-Andrew Mackay,


“Someone beside me whispered the name Chaplin. It’s no mistake to think of The Double in the same league as those icons. They create characters that are very different from us, like nothing we’ve seen before. At the same time, in the hands of great performers like Charlie, Groucho or the three men in The Double, there is something intrinsic, identifiable and universal we can all identify with. It’s rare and remarkable.”

- George Perry,


“The music, in collaboration with the phenomenally inventive lighting design by Andre du Toit, make for a sensational sensory experience.”

-Keely Kwok, Charlobois Post

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