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Paolozzapedia an autofictional biography

Theatre Passe Muraille 2018/19 Season

February 16-March 3rd, 2019


Si Stava Meglio Quando Si Stava Peggio
-Italian Proverb
"As I came out of a dark time, made darker still by the shadow of the future, ever shortening as I rushed to meet it, I no longer knew the way forward, nor could I advance with any authenticity. 
I looked then towards the Past. And it's true what they say: you can't go anywhere if you don't know where you're coming from. 
And btw, isn't it strange how one can feel homesick for a place that was never one's home? "
- Adam Paolozza



In Paolozzapedia family stories from Italy, the grotesque humour of commedia dell'arte and scraps of memory from the Oshawa of Adam's youth fuse together in a carnival of surreal images ever haunted by the spectre of death, which both obfuscates and illuminates the pursuit of meaning in our lives. 


Paolozzapedia is an auto-fictional-biography, investigating how memory, like storytelling, is itself a creative act, shaping who we are and revealing the tenuous relationship between identity and fiction.   

Creative Credits

Concept, Co-Direction: Adam Paolozza

Co-Direction and Dramaturgy: Kari Pederson

Created by The Company

Featuring: Adam Paolozza, Christina Serra, Maddie Bautista and Eduardo Di Martino

Original Music Composed and Performed by Matt Smith (aka Prince Nifty)

Lighting Design by Andre Du Toit

Set and Costume Design by Allie Marshall

Pulcinella Masks by Amleto Sartori and Adam Paolozza

Hand Puppets by Jessie Byiers and Adam Paolozza

Hybrid Puppets by Graeme Black Robinson

Stage Management by Dylan Tate-Howarth

Produced by the intrepid Viktor Pokinko (from Bad Hats Theatre)

Originally presented in partnership with Why Not Theatre as a workshop at the Riser Festival in 2015

*original workshop co-directed and co-written by Daniele Bartolini

*original workshop dramaturgy by Guillermo Verdecchia

*original workshop set design by Anahita Dehbonehie

*original workshop sound design by Sam Sholdice


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