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Press for Paolozzapedia


 "the show has lots of spirit and heart. Andre Du Toit’s lighting, at one memorable point fills the stage with a light that you’d swear was imported from Italy."

Glenn Sumi, NOW magazine


"Paolozzapedia is a trip across times, across continents, and across cultures. What begins as an individual’s journey (Paolozza’s), becomes a communal experience that makes us contemplate our own history."



"Even with the recognition of impermanence, Paolozzapedia celebrates life in its acknowledgement of nostalgia, memories of events both big and small – and reminds us to appreciate and cherish the sweet moments as they come."



"There are so many beautiful interdisciplinary tactics used to tell this story and Paolozza successfully embraces all of them and immerses himself into his own history, raw and vulnerable for all to see."

- Veronica Appia,


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