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Being Funny Physical Comedy workshop December 12-13th, 2015


An intense weekend of comedic training as antidote to the stress of the holiday season...

“The clown doesn’t exist aside from the actor performing him. We are all clowns, we all think we are beautiful, clever, strong, whereas we all have weaknesses, our ridiculous side, which can make people laugh when we allow it to express itself. “
-Jacques Lecoq

Why do we laugh? What makes us? How does it happen?
Over the two days we’re going to play around with these tough questions. Using games, exercises and improvisation we will explore:

* le jeu (comic play) & improvisation
* comic rhythm and timing
* comic acrobatics (prat-falls, hat tricks, working with funny objects etc.)

The clown allows us to look at ourselves, with all our strengths and weaknesses, and laugh!
It is an invaluable technique for performers of all disciplines who wish to improve their presence, timing, balance and to find the pleasure of being onstage.
It is for those who wish to take a risk, be vulnerable and open themselves up to the moment.

December 12 & 13th

$100 + HST 
Discount for all Union Members. 
Some Scholarships available. 

For more information contact Bad New Days for details:



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