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Kaduzuke Kollektif's Richard III: The Pleasures of Violence

presented in Association with Bad New Days performing arts
"A debauched dreamscape...full of memorably off-kilter performances" - Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail 
"Stunning, nightmarish atmosphere" - Dorianne Emmerton, 
Directed by Tatiana Jennings 
Featuring the Kadozuke ensemble
Design by Vladimir Kovalchuk and Tatiana Jennings

Richard III, The Pleasures of Violence is Tatiana Jennings’ and Kadozuke Kollektif's provocative and innovative multimedia reimagining of the William Shakespeare classic. 

 In the wake of the ‘excavation’ of the real Richard III's body Kadozuke takes a closer look at the historical figure of Richard, his family and the real relationships between the people that inspired the characters in the Shakespeare’s play.  In their interpretation Richard III is a family story.  Skewed, incestuous and perverse.

The work engages nine performers in a moving Jenga game of “the family household” -- a claustrophobic environment plagued by death, manipulation, sex, black magic and white lies. 

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