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three menandwomen three

Created for ProArteDanza three menandwomen three is a piece for six dancers inspired by Magritte's The Lovers and by an e.e. cummings poem.


"What I'm looking for always in my theatre work is vulnerability, openness and spontaneity. I'm working towards the same in this piece with the dancers' bodies and how they relate to each other in time and space. I'm searching for the vulnerable, open, spontaneous body.


The piece is also about experimenting with freedom and choice. The dancers are free to improvise and make choices but they are placed under severe restraints, for example in the first two sections of the piece they cannot see. At times they are asked to give up their agency as performers and follow what is best for the group. At times they must lead the group, etc." - Adam Paolozza 




choreography by Adam Paolozza


featuring Anisa Tejpar, Valerie Calam, Mami Hata, Justin de Luna, Ryan Lee & Louis Laberge-Coté


Music Suonne a marechiaro by Sergio Bruni; Dio, come ti amo by Domenico Modugno”; Miles Runs The Voodoo Down by Miles Davis; Theory of Machines by Ben Frost.

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