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The Double on tour January 2015

This January The Double embarks on a five city Ontario tour as part of the OAC's new Ontario Connects touring initiative.

Ontario Connects is a new initiative created to help improve the theatre touring ecology in Ontario. It's based on an earlier, somewhat similar initiative created for Dance. Besides helping develop a touring circuit the program is also interested in stimulating a continued relationship between audiences and artists through outreach activities.

We thought that this touring blog could help stimulate this relationship. Besides documenting our experiences preparing and then going on the road, this blog will also feature a space to answer questions from audiences and other artists.

We'd like to invite our audiences to ask us questions or make comments about the interaction of the tour with their community.

We'd also like to invite artists to send in questions they have about our process or about touring in general.

We've never embarked on a tour of this size before and we may not have the answer to your question. But if we do, we'd love to offer it up for collective use. We'll probably have a lot of questions, too. As we think through them we'd love to open a window onto our process and share it with you.


Adam Paolozza

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